Why Do You Feel Pain When Erection?

Erection of the penis is a natural thing that occurs in men. It starts in your brain when you see, feel, smell, hear or think of a stimulus which sends chemical messages from your nerves to the blood vessels in your penis. Once blood reaches to your penis, pressure traps it within the corpora cavernosa, causing your penis to expand and able to hold its erection. A few men though experience painful when erection. Is this something that should be bothered about?

What Causes Painful Erection?

If you’re experiencing any type of penis pain, it should be cause for concern particularly if the pain occurs during an erection. Below are the possible causes of the condition.

1.   Peyronie’s disease

This condition is one of the top causes of penis pain. A plague, which is a scar tissue, is formed inside the penis, causing to a bent instead of a straight erection.

Though there is no known cause for Peyronie’s disease, some researchers reckon that the fibrous plaque precedes after a trauma which results to bleeding inside the penis. Other cases may be linked to genes while there are some conditions that involved both genes and injury.

Most men diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease can still have sexual intercourse but it can cause erectile dysfunction and painful sex for some.

2.   Penile fractures

Contrary to popular belief, a penile fracture is not synonymous with breaking a bone. Instead, it’s a rupture of the penile sheath and corpora cavernosa – the two areas of your penis that are responsible for erections.

Most cases of penile fractures happen during intercourse. The injury can occur when the corpus cavernosum snaps or breaks, as a result when man is thrusting against the perineum or the pubic bone. Other instances that can cause penile fractures are:

  • Hitting an erect penis on something, such as a furniture or door frame
  • Rolling over in bed on an erect penis
  • Falling on an erect penis

It is important to seek medical attention immediately since the injury can cause long-term damage to a man’s urinary and sexual function.

3.   Priapism

Priapism occurs when there’s an abnormality in the blood flow during erection, which results to a painful erection that lasts for more than 4 hours and may occur when you don’t want to have sex.

Priapism can occur due to:

  • Blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia or leukemia
  • Use of drugs and alcohol
  • Side effects of drugs used as medication for depression or erectile dysfunction
  • Injury to the spinal cord or penis
  • Mental health disorders

4.   Balanitis

Affecting roughly 1 in 20 males, this condition occurs when the foreskin or head of the penis is swollen. Men who are not circumcised or don’t regularly wash under the foreskin have higher risk of getting this type of infection.

Though it can be incredibly painful, it’s not typically serious and can be treated using topical medication.

5.   Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

STI that cause a painful feeling while erection are gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and genital herpes.

6.   Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

When bacteria invades and infects your urinary tract, UTI occurs. Though women are more prone to getting UTI, this infection can also occur in men. It may occur if you have a weak immune system, not circumcised, have sexual intercourse with someone that has the infection, have a blockage in your urinary tract, have an enlarged prostate and perform anal sex.

7.   Injuries

Your penis may be damaged from injuries. Possible scenarios that can cause injuries are:

  • Got burned
  • Have rough sexual intercourse
  • In a car accident
  • Insert objects into your urethra
  • Put a ring around your penis for prolonged erection.

8.   Cancer

This disease is formed when malignant cells are formed in the tissues of your penis. Men who are over 50 years old are at higher risk of getting penile cancer.

How to Deal with Painful Erection

The treatment depends on the cause of the pain.

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics if you have STD or UTI. You can also purchase chlamydia online without the need for prescription.

If it’s caused by Peyronie’s disease, the severity of the condition will be the bases for the treatment. Treatment may not be needed if you can still perform sexual activities despite a slightly curved penis. In some cases, injections or drugs may be needed and surgery may or may not be needed, depending on the severity of your pain and your ability to have sexual intercourse.

If priapism is the culprit, treatment depends on the blood flow to your penis - ischaemic (low blood flow) and non-ischaemic priapism (high blood flow). Both types requires immediate medical carem, however contact your doctor immediately if you have painful feeling for more than 4 hours to avoid causing further complications such as erectile dysfunction.

Having a painful erection is not something to be taken lightly of. Seek medical attention immediately as soon as you experience this symptom.

How to Keep Your Penis Healthy

Your penis does not only provide pleasure but more importantly, it plays an important role in your reproductive system. It’s important that you take care of your penis and keep it healthy at all times.

Here are smart tips on how to keep your penis working well:

  • Maintain a healthy weight – Overweight can reduce the levels of your testosterone in your body and can affect your erection. Stay active to keep a healthy weight.
  • Eat smart – A diet that is rich in natural and wholesome foods can prevent plague deposits buildup within your blood vessels.
  • Learn how to cope with stress – When you’re stressed, hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline are released. These two hormones can lead to accumulation of bad belly fat and weak erection.
  • Avoid smoking – Tobacco impairs your blood flow and narrows your blood vessels.
  • Drink moderately – Consuming too much alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction.
  • Get enough sleep – If you’re getting too little sleep, your penis will be weary as well.
  • Have an active lifestyle – Having a regular exercise improves your mood, reduces stress, increases energy and prevents fatigue.