Self Prostate Massage

Many people want to know how to stimulate the prostate gland for both medical and sexual purposes. There are a number of ways to perform the massage. This artificial way of stimulating the prostate gland is in practice for centuries; in fact, medical practitioners were used to do this massage to enhance the sexual powers of kings and emperors in India and China. The interesting thing is that you don't need a medical practitioner to perform the massage because you can learn to perform it yourself. The practice of stimulating your prostate gland by yourself is called self prostate massage. Keep reading to learn how to perform the massage in the most effective way.

The Benefits of Prostate Massage Therapy

As mentioned, there are so many different reasons why stimulating your prostate gland is beneficial. Here is more about it:

Minimize the Effects of Prostatitis

Sometimes, certain bacteria will accumulate within the acini sacs of the prostate gland, which leads to swelling. Through self prostate massage, you can improve the flow of blood, which in turn will help flush out those bacteria.

Enhance the Sexual Orgasm

Through regular ejaculation, you will enjoy improved sexual orgasm, which will also have a positive impact on your sex life. Massaging the area will encourage blood flow and oxygen to your pelvic area that will enhance your sexual orgasm.

Improve Erectile Dysfunction

You may experience problems related to erection when there is insufficient blood flow to your pelvic area. Through massage, you can encourage blood flow to your penis with more oxygen and nutrients that will enhance your erection.

Increase the Flow of Seminal Fluids

Muscular constriction can lead to impotency, but you can resolve this issue through regular massage. Prostate massage will strengthen the muscles of your penis and also increase the flow of seminal fluids that will help correct sexual problems.

How to Perform a Self Prostate Massage

You may want to know about some techniques to perform the massage in the best way possible. Here's how to do it:


There are three basic ways to massage your prostate gland. For instance:

  • Internal Massage

 In order to give yourself an internal prostate massage, start by washing your hands properly. Make sure to trim your nails and relax your nerves. Find a quiet, private place to get started. Once ready, put your finger inside your anus as gently as possible. This is a sensitive area, so be very slow and very careful. Now, search for your prostate gland, which is round in shape. Massage it gently for some time.

  • External Self Prostate Massage

 You can also try the external self prostate massage. In this case, you don't have to put your finger inside your anus; therefore, it's a better option for someone who is not comfortable inserting finger in his anus. The technique involves massaging the area called perineum, which is right between your scrotum and anus.

  • Assisted Massage

In case you are not comfortable inserting your finger in your anus and have problems locating your perineum, you may try the third option called the assisted massage. In this method, you can buy certain tools designed specifically to massage and stimulate your prostate gland.

Perform a Self Prostate Massage

If you're ready keep a few important things in mind:

  • Be Sure to Clear Your Bowels First

If you're opting for the internal prostate massage that involves inserting your finger in your anus, you should ensure that you clear your bowel first. While stimulating your prostate, you may also stimulate the bowels. Therefore, it is better to have a bowel movement first and then start your massage session.

  • Make Use of a Probe

Instead of using your finger, you can use a probe to stimulate your prostate gland. You can use probes with a rounded tip such as a drumstick, dildo, or a specially designed probe for prostate massage. There are various types of commercial prostate massagers available for use. These probes prove quite beneficial because they provide a more thorough massage. Be sure to clean your probe first every time you use it internally.

  • Insert a Probe and Rub it

It is a good idea to cover your probe with a condom to avoid infections. Now, apply a good amount of lubricant to make it easy for the probe to enter your anus. Be sure to get in a crawling position and slowly insert your probe inside your anus. Insert it up to 4-5 inches into your rectum and apply some pressure toward the prostate gland. Continue to apply light pressure. Please note that this may encourage an erection. Now, pull the probe back a couple of inches to release pressure and then insert it back to apply pressure on the prostate. Slide it out and then reinsert to stimulate your prostate properly. Be sure to jiggle the probe a bit for a more thorough massage.

Here's a video to help you learn the right way to perform a self prostate massage:

Dos and Don'ts During Self Prostate Massage

Since your prostate area is quite sensitive, you need to take care of few things to avoid causing any problem. Here are a few things to remember.

  • Be sure to apply gentle pressure on your prostate gland. Don't be rough. Don't be in a rush. Use some common sense, be patient, and prostate massage will become a highly pleasing experience.
  • Make use of as much lubrication as you can to make things go smooth.
  • Be sure to watch the video mentioned previously to understand the right technique of performing prostate massage. You need to insert your finger properly to avoid irritating your rectum.
  • Practice good hygiene and wash your hands before and after the massage. Keep your fingernails trimmed and always wash your prostate massage device before and after use.
  • Be sure to ask your doctor about giving yourself a prostate massage in case you have a prostate condition. The same holds true when you have prostate cancer. Trying self prostate massage techniques may carry some risks when you have some existing prostate conditions.
  • Always be slow and gentle and massage for a few minutes only. You can add more time to your massage session once you learn the technique.