What to Do When One Boob Is Bigger Than the Other?

Having one boob bigger than the other is a condition known as asymmetry which is very common among women. Breast asymmetry affects more than 50% of women and is described as a difference of volume, form, position or shape of the breasts. There is a chance of psychological distress among adolescents if the difference in the size of the breasts is in excess of one cup size. However, there are many surgical and natural remedies available for treating uneven breasts. You must see a doctor immediately if you have other abnormalities accompanied by different sized breasts.

Why Do I Have Asymmetric Breasts?

The breast tissue growth in girls is stimulated by the production of estrogen hormone during puberty. It usually starts around two years after the initial menstrual period and goes on for another four years. It is at this time that girls begin to feel that they haveasymmetrical breasts. Breast growth usually stops after the girl turns 21.

Then why is one boob bigger than the other? The answer to this question still remains a mystery. Factors like traumatic injury to the breast area during developmental age, genetics, random growth patterns, hormonal changes during breastfeeding, pregnancy or puberty or growth of your muscles can all contribute to breast asymmetry.

Natural Ways to Fix Asymmetric Breasts

  • Change Your Bra

If the asymmetry in your breasts is minimal, wearing a bra with removable cookies or removable pads can be a good solution. You can even out the little differences in breast size by taking pads out of the cup of your larger breast and adding them into the bra pockets of the cup of your smaller breast.

  • Add Pads

You can add foam, gel pads, silicone and water to the petite side of your bra to fill the spaces or gaps in the smaller bra cup. Other bra pads can also be used for evening out the difference between asymmetric breasts. Padded bra must be used if you want to add bra pads to your bra as it is going to help in minimizing the demarcations of the bra pad.

  • Breast Massage

Having a breast enlargement massage is an inexpensive, safe and effective natural way to fix the problem of one boob bigger than the other. This massage has a simple technique and can be done without special equipment. It helps in increasing the circulation of blood in the breast area, ensuring that the breast receptors pick up the phytoestrogens you are eating. 

  • Breast Enlargement Pump

Tissue expansion is the process utilized by breast enlargement pumps for evening out asymmetric breasts. Tissue growth and blood flow of the breasts gets enhanced by application of gentle suction to the breast tissue. This results in the stretching of the tissue and the skin, producing new breast tissues and enhancement in breast size. The mammary gland tissues are augmented by the breast enlargement pump for increasing new breast tissue cell production.

  • Breast Enlargement Cream

The great way to fix the issue of one breast bigger than other is to apply an adequate amount of non-hormonal plumping breast enhancement cream to the smaller breast. Massage it in that area at least twice a day. You can look for creams with natural herbal ingredients such as: dandelion root, damiana, blessed thistle, oat bran and wild Mexican yam.

Cosmetic Surgery to Fix Asymmetric Breasts

It is recommended to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon and discuss a suitable surgical option if the natural remedies fail to produce the desired results and the asymmetry of your breasts is affecting you both psychologically and physically. A reduction or augmentation procedure can be performed to even out the asymmetric breasts. Breast reduction is a better option than implant as studies reveal that women who have implants turn out to be more unsatisfied while those who undergo reduction are more at peace.

Breast Self-Examination

A study conducted in 2006 revealed that the risk of developing breast cancer increases slightly in women who have one boob bigger than the other. Thus, it is important to regularly check your breasts, know about the appearance and the feel of normal breasts.

Changes in breasts like thickening and lumps can be checked by the breast self-exam. It includes feeling the breasts and taking a close look at them. Report any unusual changes to the doctor as chances of survival improve if breast cancer is detected at an earlier stage.

Watch a video of breast self-examination:

When to See a Doctor

The following symptoms are indications of breast disease which might turn out to be cancer. It is important not to overlook them and visit a doctor immediately if you experience them. 

  • Sudden appearance of breast swelling which affects one breast more than the other
  • Breast itching
  • Red, pink or dark colored area on the breast accompanied with breast skin dimpling which resembles the look of an orange peel
  • Formation of thickened skin and ridges on the breast
  • Retracted or flattened nipple
  • Tenderness or pain in breasts which persists after the periods are over
  • A mass in the underarm area