When Does Breast Tenderness Go Away in Pregnancy?

A woman will undergo many changes during pregnancy, such as swollen and tender breasts. You experience breast tenderness due to changes in breast tissue and increased blood flow, so when will this uncomfortable feeling go away? 

When Does Breast Tenderness Go Away in Pregnancy?

Actually, it depends. Generally speaking, most women suffer from breast tenderness in the breasts during the first and last trimesters, which is perfectly normal considering the hormonal changes taking place during these periods. For some women, they never feel this problem. For others, breast tenderness will remain an issue for the entire duration of their pregnancy.

Other Mothers’ Experience

"I am currently in the sixth week of my pregnancy and notice a slight decrease in the amount of breast tenderness. The initial few weeks were really bad and I talked to my doctor about it. She assured me that it was just a normal part of pregnancy. Apparently, I got the breast tenderness slightly earlier than other women but that can happen."

"I think it was around the 7th to 10th week that I started to get over the breast tenderness I was feeling. My morning sickness also started to decrease around this time, and to be honest, it kind of freaked me out. I thought there may be something wrong with my baby, but the doctor said everything was fine. I never had this tenderness again for the entire duration of the pregnancy."

"When does breast tenderness go away in pregnancy? I think this was the most common question that I pestered my doctors with! I had a tough time with this symptom for the first few months during my both pregnancies. I did not get much relief for the entire term of my first one, but I did not suffer much after the first trimester of my second pregnancy."

How to Deal with Breast Tenderness During Pregnancy

1. Buy a Bra with the Right Cup Size

Measure your breasts from under the breasts. This will help you choose a bra that fits your breasts best. You will also probably need to buy some extra bras since your breasts will continue to grow during the pregnancy.

2. Choose the Right Kind of Bra

  • Any bras that have an underwire will be very uncomfortable to wear, so avoid them.
  • Your best choice will be those similar to sports bras. These provide excellent support and help minimize the pain associated with breast movement.
  • You also should avoid bras with seams since they can cause irritation.
  • If you are going to use regular bras like always, then make use of breast pads which help provide a cushioning effect and reduce the amount of breast tenderness.

3. Take a Nice Relaxing Warm Bath

When does breast tenderness go away in pregnancy? You now know that this can vary in different women. So what can you do to deal with this condition?

  • Take a warm bath, ensuring that the temperature is not too high, and immerse your breasts fully inside the water.
  • You can also stand under a warm shower and let the water hit your breasts. This may provide some relief as well.

4. Minimize Contact

Make sure you do not keep touching your breasts. Explain how avoiding touching sore breasts helps you cope with the tenderness to your partner as well. If the breasts must be touched, such as during sexual foreplay, then ensure that your partner is very gentle and does not hurt you in the process.

5. Use Creams and Lotions on Your Breasts

The skin on your breasts will be stretched and start to crack. Use creams, lotions, moisturizers, etc. regularly to reduce any dryness, irritation or cracking that may occur. Women can also use natural products like shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter to apply on their breasts. Apply the cream or lotion gently, preferably right after you take a shower.

6. Keep Your Breasts Cool

Your sore breasts may start to feel really hot and this is when you should use a cold compress to cool them down. This will help reduce the soreness and tenderness as well. Use an ice pack, a cold cloth or cabbage leaves to place on your breasts. Cold cabbage leaves can be inserted inside the bra for added comfort.

7. Stay Hydrated

When does breast tenderness go away in pregnancy? It has been found that pregnant women suffering from water retention are more likely to suffer from breast tenderness.

One way to fight breast tenderness is to take a large amount of water daily. This helps drain away the excess fluids stored in the body and relieves the breast tenderness at the same time.

8. Use Medication for Breast Tenderness

Make sure that any medication being used during pregnancy is approved by your doctor and you follow instructions carefully. If your breast tenderness continues for a prolonged time and other methods do not seem to help, then your doctor may prescribe you certain medications to help deal with it.