Blood Health

  • Blood Vessels Are Broken in Fingers: Cause and Treatment

    Broken blood vessels in your finger should not be ignored. Read on to understand what causes broken blood vessels and what remedies are available.

  • 15 Tips to Help You Control Diabetes

    Want to know how can you control diabetes? This article will show you 15 tips that you can apply to your everyday life and reap the results afterwards.

  • Snacks for People with Diabetes: What to Eat and What Not

    What are the best snacks for people with diabetes? Try those listed here like apple, reek yogurt, popcorn, etc. However, avoid those in the "no" list.

  • How to Increase WBC Count by Food

    How to increase WBC count by food? Try to eat fruits and vegetables, drink green tea, consume yogurt, etc. You can also try others ways, such as taking supplements and doing yoga.

  • What to Do After Donating Blood?

    What to do after donating blood? You should ask medical advice if you have symptoms such as severe pain. Some foods like iron-rich foods can help you recover fast.

  • Natural Blood Thinners

    Looking for an alternative to medication for thinning blood? Here is a list of the best natural blood thinners, which include grapes, substances high in salicylates, and sunshine.

  • High Platelet Count: Causes and Treatments

    High platelet count can be caused by two conditions: primary thrombocythemia and secondary thrombocytosis. For different conditions, the treatments are different.

  • What Is Blood?

    Blood is the most important fluid present in your blood. Knowing what is blood is important to understand how it works and its value in your body.

  • How to Heal Hemorrhoids

    The swelling and inflammation of tissues in the anus which results in hemorrhoids is a more common condition than you may think. Fortunately, for how to heal Hemorrhoids, there are many different options which range from natural, over the counter and surgical methods.

  • Blood Oxygen Level

    Maintaining a normal blood oxygen level is critical for maintaining your health. What can you do about oxygen levels that are not perfect? Read this article to get further information

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