Children's Health

  • First Aid for Baby Choking on Mucus

    Baby choking on mucus can be caused by cold or flu. Learn the first aid method in case your baby has difficulties breathing, and how to clear excessive mucus in throat.

  • Newborn Belly Button Bleeding: Is It Normal?

    Newborn belly button bleeding is usually normal, but pay attention to signs of infection such as pus. Also learn how to take care of the belly button.

  • 11 Excellant Jobs That Work with Babies

    Jobs that work with babies include newborn specialist, infant teacher, neonatal nurse, pediatrician, infant massage therapist, etc. Check the list and find your favorite one.

  • Child Height and Weight Chart

    Doctors use a child height and weight chart to assess whether your child is developing properly. Read on to learn how to understand the chart and percentiles.

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