Exercise & Fitness

  • Why Will Your Muscles Shake When Exercising?

    Find out why muscles shake when you’re exercising, how it happens and what you can do to make it go away here. Remember never go beyond your capability.

  • Is It Good to Exercise Every Day?

    Is it good to exercise every day? There are generally good for ordinary people, but you should pay attention to over exercise, weight loss plateau, etc.

  • Will Exercise Affect Blood Pressure?

    Regular exercise is beneficial for your overall health, but do you know the effects of exercise on your blood pressure levels? It helps lower it!

  • Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home Without Equipment

    What are the best exercises to help you lose weight fast at home with no equipment? There are so many like pushup, squat kicks, etc., find more here.

  • Find Out If You Are Losing Weight or Fat

    The best way to remain fit and healthy is simply through loss of fat and not muscle. As much you try to lose weight, it is equally important to improve your muscle mass.

  • How Many Calories Do You Burn by Swimming?

    Ever wondered about how to calculate the calories burned swimming? It depends on weight, the intensity of activity, conditioning level, and your metabolism.

  • Sissy Squat Instructions

    Sissy squat is an excellent exercise that helps you develop the quads, core strength and improve balance. Learn how to do the variations of this exercise are equally effective.

  • Bicep and Tricep Workout

    You can’t have the perfect body without well-toned arms. Here are some top bicep and tricep workouts that will give you the body you've been yearning for.

  • How to Lose Thigh and Belly Fat

    Want to lose thigh and belly fat? It takes a good mixture of the right foods and the best exercises to target the stomach and thigh fat. Here’s how to make those pounds melt away.

  • Belly Fat Burner

    Belly fat burners are not designed to cause your belly fat to magically vanish. Using these fat burners while following a high quality diet and exercise plan can help you lose more fat more easily than if you were to take them alone.

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