Medical Information

  • Can You Get Disability for Diabetes?

    Can you get disability for diabetes? Yes, you can, but you have to meet some requirements. Read to learn more about the disability benefits and how to apply for it for diabetes.

  • When Does a Cut Need Stitches?

    When does a cut need stitches? You have to observe the depth, the width and the location of the wound to decide that. Take care of your stitches by following some useful tips!

  • What Is Evidence-Based Practice?

    What is evidence-based practice? It is the combination of research, experience, and respect of the patient’s needs, values, environment, culture, and that of his/her caregiver.

  • What Do Nurses Do?

    Majority of the health care system consists of nurses, but one may wonder, what is nursing and what do nurses do. There are different types of nurses, and to get into this career, one must take up various courses and obtain a license.

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