Eye Disease

  • Castor Oil for Dry Eyes

    Can you use castor oil to treat dry eyes? Yes, learn just how castor oil can help relieve dry eye irritation and some other helpful home remedies to treat dry eyes.

  • What Are Cataracts?

    You may not be able to answer the question of what are cataracts. You will get a clear understanding about the causes, the treatments and prevention of cataracts in this article.

  • How to Make Contact Solution

    How to make contact solution? You can use distilled water and salt to make your own contact solution by simple steps. However, this can be used only in emergency conditions.

  • Do Blind People Blink?

    Do blind people blink? Yes, all people blink in order to cleanse and moisten the eye. We blink about every 6 seconds. You may need to see a doctor if blinking too much.

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