Immune System Disorder

  • Function of Lymph Nodes

    The function of lymph nodes is to get rid of any toxins and waste products that may accumulate. Learn how bacteria and other wastes are filtered out of the lymph fluid.

  • Lymph Nodes Locations

    Lymph nodes form an integral part of the immune system. Get to know lymph nodes locations here. If lymph nodes become swollen, it can be caused by infection, cancer, etc.

  • Pituitary Gland's Functions

    Pituitary gland is crucial to our body function. The gland can produce growth hormones, hormones that related with sex functions, etc. Pituitary gland has two lobes that produce different hormones.

  • MS Prognosis

    MS prognosis can actually be quite different from most people realize. Although it has no cure, patients can live with MS with few symptoms for as long as anyone else. But there are some severe progression may happen.

  • Effects of MS

    The effects of MS (multiple sclerosis) can be from head to toe. Find out what all the possible effects of MS are and what you can do to relieve the problems with MS here.

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