• Down Syndrome Test: Screening or Diagnostic Test

    Pregnant women need to do Down syndrome test for the health of babies. Screening tests and diagnostic tests are the two kinds of Down syndrome test, which will both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • GTT Test

    A GTT test is a test that analyzes the blood sugar in a person. Pregnant women usually need to take it. Find out the preparations, procedures and result examination of a GTT test.

  • Epstein Barr Virus

    You will find Epstein Barr virus's nature, symptoms, possible complications. Besides, you can learn how the virus is spread and what can be done to treat it.

  • Colon Cancer Stages

    There are two main ways to classify colon cancer stages, the Dukes’ classification and TNM classification. Get more detailed information about each one here.

  • Warning Signs of Cancer

    Cancer is a life-threatening disease that has the capability of spreading through the entire body. Knowing about the warning signs of cancer can help you in getting diagnosed and treated at an earlier stage.

  • Bleeding During Pregnancy: Could It Be a Period?

    Is it possible for period while pregnant? Find the facts behind pregnant and understand the possibility for pregnant with period.

  • Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Right After Your Period?

    If I had a period can I still be pregnant? Find the possibilities about pregnancy after period.

  • Period Like Cramps in Early Pregnancy

    Period-like cramps in early pregnancy may be a normal symptom, and they are usually mild and relieved by rest. However, if these cramps are accompanied by excessive bleeding and other detrimental symptoms, then you may be experiencing a more serious condition that requires immediate medical intervention.

  • Can You Get Pregnant on the Pill?

    Can you get pregnant on the pill? Studies have shown that a typical birth control pill is effective around 99.5% of the time.

  • Getting Pregnant After a Miscarriage

    Are you hoping to get pregnant after a miscarriage? If so, read on to discover how you should approach this endeavor.

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