Cold, Flu & Cough

  • How Long Does the Flu Last Without Medication?

    How long does the flu last without medication? Does Tamiflu prevent you from being contagious? How to prevent the flu? Here you will get answers to 5 common questions about flu.

  • Hay Fever Cough

    Coughing is annoying. Hay fever cough is one kind of coughs that you can avoid if you find out the allergen. Find treatments for the cough here if you are suffering from it.

  • Difference Between Cold and Flu

    Do I have cold or flu? Even similar to each other, there are many differences between cold and flu in symptoms, treatments and preventions. Find out the differences here.

  • 5 Common Cold Complications

    Common cold is a viral infection that is not very serious. However, common cold complications can be quite serious and should not be taken lightly.

  • What to Do for the Flu

    The flu is very common, particularly during flu season, thus knowing what to do for the flu can be very useful and necessary. Read on, and you can get more information about flu.

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