Respiratory Disorders

  • Why Can't I Take a Deep Breath?

    Difficulty in deep breathing can be due to many causes. Some of them are harmless and will disappear soon, while others may be a chronic condition.

  • How to Deal with Croup with Home Remedies

    Croup can be an irritating condition, but you can treat with a number of home remedies to treat croup. Try 12 effective ways here to relieve your symptoms.

  • Why Feel Breathless When Climbing Stairs?

    Being breathless when climbing stairs is something everyone has experienced. It is not something you need to worry about. And you can do things to avoid that.

  • How Long Will Bronchitis Persist?

    How long will bronchitis persist? This depends on the types of bronchitis you suffer from: acute one (2-3 weeks) and chronic one (3 months and more).

  • 8 Best Methods to Clear Mucus in Lungs

    Having mucus in lungs can make you feel breathless and cause infections. Try the different techniques and meds to get rid of the mucus.

  • Chest Infection in Pregnancy

    A chest infection in pregnancy can be frightening. Fortunately, here are some home remedies and tips to help you fight a chest infection when pregnant and protect your growing baby.

  • Emphysema Life Expectancy

    Emphysema life expectancy is closely related with the stage of emphysema of a patient. Besides, there are four factors may affect the expectancy.

  • Stages of COPD

    Living with chronic bronchitis can be one of the most challenging things in anybody’s life. It is important to know the stages of COPD and the ways to prevent the worsening of the disease.

  • Why Do We Hiccup?

    Why do we hiccup? There are various reasons and in general it occurs when the diaphragm is irritated. In this article, we discuss some of the major causes of hiccups and remedies you can try out.

  • What Is Oxygen Saturation?

    What are the oxygen saturation levels? Find the effective approach to maintain an healthy oxygen saturation level.

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