Foods that Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is usually associated with “maleness” and virility. If you suffer from low testosterone, it is a better idea to begin your treatment by adding foods that increase your testosterone level.

Foods that Increase Testosterone


Oysters are notorious for their aphrodisiac effects. However, they also contain a lot of zinc that has been shown to increase testosterone. Eat oysters raw or cooked each week to keep your zinc and testosterone levels up.



Eggs, both yolks and whites, contain cholesterol. Cholesterol is one of the substances that helps to build testosterone. Consult with your healthcare provider about eggs, but try to eat 1 or 2 each day to build testosterone.


Lean Beef

Lean red meat increase zinc and protein, and studies show that both of these build muscle and increase testosterone. A 6-ounce lean grilled steak 2 or 3 times each week will help ensure you have plenty of testosterone.


Cottage Cheese

Low-fat cottage cheese actually contains more protein with less fat that most meat products. One cup of cottage cheese each day will help build your testosterone.



A great source of the amino acid L-arginine, oatmeal is a great food to help if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. The L-arginine helps relax muscles around the blood vessels of the penis allowing blood flow to increase resulting in better erections. Eat oatmeal every day for breakfast.



A good source of protein with very little fat, boneless and skinless chicken or turkey can help keep you lean, muscle bound, and your testosterone levels high. Try to eat poultry 2 to 3 times each week to keep your protein levels normal.



Garlic contains high levels of allicin. Research shows that allicin inhibits cortisol competition with testosterone ensuring that testosterone builds muscle and increases strength. Use garlic every day to increase your testosterone.



Beans are high in zinc and protein. Especially if you are a vegetarian, it is important to eat beans to get the zinc you need to maintain your testosterone levels. Almost any kind of bean 2 or 3 times a week will help keep your zinc and protein levels high.



Broccoli is one of the vegetables loaded with indole-3-carbinol. This substance can remove estrogen in men. Estrogen is the female hormone that accounts for feminine characteristics -- and can, therefore, result in higher testosterone levels. Eat broccoli raw as often as possible.



Cabbage is another vegetable packed with indole-3-carbinol and fiber. In addition to the benefits of the indole-3-carbinol, the fiber in cabbage can help in weight control, which can help control estrogen levels in men. Again, eat cabbage as often as possible.



The amino acids in milk increase hormones that can help you reduce your waistline and build muscle. Losing weight and building muscle will help increase your testosterone.



Nuts like almonds and walnuts contain high levels of L-arginine and healthy fats. Both of these substances will result in higher testosterone levels. Eat nuts as a snack every day.


Tips on Testosterone Boost Diet

There are certain tips on vitamins and minerals that you should pay attention to as you develop a diet to increase your testosterone.

Plenty of Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that can increase testosterone level or cause a decrease if you don’t get enough. Zinc intake seems to decline over time so it is especially important to get plenty of zinc in your diet as you age. Limit zinc supplementation to 40 mg or less each day.

Plenty of Vitamin B

Vitamin B vitamins (including B1, B6, B12, niacin and folic acid) are the vitamins primarily involved in the production of testosterone. In order to boost testosterone, increase the intake of these vitamins by including dark leafy green vegetables, seafood, eggs, beans, dairy products, whole grain foods, and avocado in your daily diet.

Less Sugar

One of the quickest ways to raise testosterone is to eat less sugar. High sugar intake leads to increased weight gain and increased insulin both known to cause low testosterone level. Cutting your sugar level in half can reap major benefits for your virility.

Healthy Fats

A diet devoid of fats will result in decreased testosterone levels. These fats should be both unsaturated fats found in nuts and beans and saturated fats like those found in meat, oils and dairy foods. Research seems to show that an optimal diet will include 50-70% healthy fats.

Plenty of BCAA

Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) combined with physical training have been shown to increase testosterone levels. Leucine in dairy products like cheese is the preferred method of getting enough of this vital amino acid. You can take supplements, but getting amino acids in a natural form is always best.