How to Get Cheekbones

Prominent cheekbones are one of the most desired features that give your face a new definition and additional beauty. Although natural cheekbones are indefinitely a plus point in your beauty but you can always enhance your cheekbones by these simple tips.


Make Up

1. Apply a thin film of foundation on your face evenly with a sponge.

2. Start with sucking in your cheeks to define the site of your cheekbones. Now using a large brush, apply bronzer powder directly under your cheek bones. Using soft brush strokes, apply the powder smoothly along the apples of your cheeks and all the way to the temple. Always use a shade darker bronzer to highlight the edges of your cheekbones

3. Now it's time to apply blush on. Make sure to choose a soft pink or rose pink blush on to add natural glow and structure to your face and to further enhance the bronzer.

4. You can also add a little shimmer only along the apple of cheeks to give a natural look.

5. Make sure to blend in the bronzer with normal skin to give a perfect well-toned face.

This video will teach you how to do get cheekbones by making up

Facial Exercises

Facial exercises and certain facial maneuvers can also help in enhancing your cheekbones naturally. Try to follow the simple exercises for fruitful results.

Lips Exercises

  • Exercise 1. Pout your lips as much as you can in order to make a round shape. Now smile as wide as you can with your mouth stretching outwards. Try to retain the position for 2 -3 seconds and then return to the original position. Make sure to repeat this exercise periodically at least 10 to 15 times a day.
  • Exercise 2. Tightly purse your lips in a way and try to suck in your right cheek. Hold the cheek for at least 5 to 15 seconds and then release the right cheek and suck in the left cheek. Make sure to repeat this exercise at least 10 times a day.

Mouth Exercises

  • Exercise 1. Fill your mouth with air and keep your lips tightly closed. Now push this air towards your left cheek and hold it for 5 seconds. Now divert all the pressure towards right cheek for 5 seconds, to upper lip and finally to lower lip for 5 seconds each. Repeat this exercise for 5 to 8 times.
  • Exercise 2. This exercise is fairly simple and requires you to close your mouth but make sure not to keep your lips tightly closed. Now pucker your lips and use the force by contracting your cheek muscles by lip pouting. You can take few seconds break in between the exercise and in order to make sure that your cheeks are contracting, use your fingers to feel the pressure on cheeks.

Cheeks Exercises

  • Exercise 1. Smile in front of the mirror and then use your middle three fingers from both hands to extend your smile. You can apply the pressure on the apples of your cheek which is part of cheeks that is most prominent while smiling.
  • Exercise 2. You can also do cheek push-ups, by using the fingers to pull your cheeks downwards and then pulling your cheeks up against resistance (offered by your fingers). Make sure to repeat the exercise at least 10 times every day.
  • Exercise 3. This exercise involves closing your mouth gently. Suck in both your cheeks with full force against your teeth and hold in for at least 10 seconds. Release and repeat the same procedure for 10 to 15 times.

Here is a video to show you an example of facial exercises

Plastic Surgery

If you want to get prominent cheekbones with surgery, your doctor may use a malar augmentation procedure that employs enhancement of your malar prominence or employ a readymade implant but you can always opt for a custom made implant depending upon your expectations from the surgery. The entire procedure takes less than half an hour but you may have to wait for at least 6 to 8 weeks to see the final results of the surgery. You should know that a lot of caution must be maintained after the procedure due to high risk of infection.