Vagina After Pregnancy

The vagina is a narrow canal that serves as a passageway for a baby to be delivered. Many women are concerned that after delivering a baby, especially a large one, their vaginas will remain stretched out and will not their partner. Others also fear that after having more than one delivery, their vaginas will not be the same. How long does it take for the muscular walls of the vagina to recover from vaginal delivery? Will it ever be the same again? What do you need to do to make it return to its original size? These may be some of the questions that you are pondering.

It is important to remember that the walls of the vagina are made up of powerful muscles that can stretch and contract during sexual intercourse and delivery of a baby. It is lubricated during sex with mucus that comes from the cervix and vaginal walls. This is also present during delivery when the baby comes out with amniotic fluid and other slippery substances. Therefore, the vagina can accommodate a baby and return to its natural state.

Sometimes, however, the muscles of the pelvic floor may relax, especially after delivering a large baby or after having successive births. As the muscles lose their tone, it will seem like your vagina has stretched out. Some also experience urinary incontinence or inability to hold their urine.

Kegel Exercises

To strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and vagina, you should perform Kegel exercises. These will support the organs on the pelvic floor and help improve urinary incontinence, while tightening the vaginal muscles.

You can do Kegels anywhere and anytime without others even knowing. You can do these while standing, sitting, or even when lying down. Try to squeeze the muscles you use to stop urine from flowing. You will feel your pelvic floor muscles contracting your urinary opening and anus. You are not doing it right if you feel your stomach muscles or buttocks tightening.

Squeeze your pelvic muscles for about 3 seconds and then relax them for another 3 seconds. Do 10 to 15 repetitions per session and try to repeat the exercises at least three times a day. You can do these while driving a car, checking your emails, waiting in line at the grocery, or just lying in bed. Kegel exercises are more likely to help tighten the pelvic muscle floor if done regularly.

Sex after Delivery

Some women think that having surgical or Caesarean delivery instead of a normal vaginal delivery will enable their vagina to feel better after childbirth. You may think that delivering a big baby will permanently stretch out your vagina. Others may fear that sex will not feel the same as before giving birth. But as mentioned earlier, the vagina is a muscular wall that is elastic and lubricated as childbirth takes place. Pelvic relaxation may be improved by doing Kegel exercises.

Many women actually feel empowered and confident about their sexuality after giving birth. The increased blood flow to the vagina during childbirth can make women more orgasmic, causing them to have a better sex life. Although some women are initially afraid that they will not enjoy sex after giving birth and are anxious about pleasing their partners, many women actually swear that sex has never been better. They now experience multiple orgasms and their husbands/partners are just as satisfied.

Do not worry too much about the effects of vaginal delivery on your sex life. You can always practice Kegel exercises to help tighten your muscles. The body has a way of restoring itself, but you have to be patient. Furthermore, delivering a child into the world should increase your confidence in your womanhood, making you more attractive to your partner.