Try These Ways to Get Rid of Annoying Moobs

Development of man boobs has become quite common in middle-aged men. While man boobs are common in men who are overweight, sometimes they can grow in men who are not necessarily unfit. While it may not be possible to reduce fat around your chest area only, it is possible to lose chest fat through exercise and by ensuring you follow a balanced diet. The exercise routines should mostly focus on the muscles around the chest. Losing the man boobs can be done without having to pay for a gym. You can do it from the comfort of your home.

How to Get Rid of Moobs

Using Creams

You can easily get non-invasive treatments for moobs over the counter. These can be in the form of creams that are easy to use and can be used daily. While these creams can help to minimize the amount of fat around your chest, they are mostly only effective when used alongside a changed lifestyle like diet changes and taking up exercise. 


If you have man boobs, it means that you haven’t been exercising your chest. The key to losing body fat is through sweating from exercise. You need to start doing workouts that mostly target your chest area. Here is how to get rid of moobs through exercise:

  • Plyo pushup– you need no equipment for this workout. It targets your core. Place your hands on the floor (shoulder-width apart) and extend your legs. Push yourself upwards as you press against the ground to straighten your arms. Lower your body and repeat.
  • Bench press using dumbbells- you need a bench and dumbbells for this workout. This exercise targets your chest, making it ideal for getting rid of moobs. Lie flat on the bench with your feet touching the floor. You will need 2 dumbbells, one for each side. Lift the weights such that they are at the same level with the shoulders and press the weights over the chest. Do these lifts several times.
  • Pushup – you do not need any equipment for this exercise. It strengthens the core and targets your chest area. Placing your hands at shoulder width on the floor, keep your body in a straight line and your abs braced. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Lower your body to the point where your chest is an inch from the floor and lift it up and repeat a few times.     
  • Dumbbell skier swings – you need two dumbbells for each hand. Hold the dumbbells at arm’s length on each side and stand with feet hip-wide and knees slightly bent. Bend at your hips and swing arms backward simultaneously. Avoid rounding your lower back. Thrust your hips forward as you raise your torso to a standing posture. Ensure that your momentum swings the weights to your chest without actively lifting the weights.
  • Goblet box squat using dumbbells – stand in front of a knee-high box or bench. Hold one end of a dumbbell with both hands, ensuring it is vertical to your chest. Your elbows should be pointing down. Push your hips backward and squat, ensuring your back stays naturally arched. You can sit on the bench for a moment and stand back up with your heels firmly pressed on the ground.


Wondering how to get rid of moobs? How about trying liposuction? This is a fat reduction process that comes with lower pain risks and also the risk of going into surgery. In liposuction, the fatty deposits around your chest area are liquefied. They are then expelled from the body through suction, which can be done at different intervals. If you do not need a large amount of fat expelled, liposuction is a good idea for you.

Watching Your Diet 

If you want to get rid of moobs, you need to eat a balanced diet that is more calorie restricted. When you consume fewer calories than you burn, you allow your body to burn the extra fat in your body to provide energy for your day to day activities. A man should consume between 2000 and 3000 calories in a day. You can start by consuming 1500 calories and check on the progress.


This is a procedure that offers instant results. Mastectomy is an invasive procedure that is simple and really quick. It also comes with a short recovery period which makes it a very popular quick fix. Even so, it is not readily available to everyone because of the financial implication it comes with.  It is very costly and requires you to be ready for possible scarring and the risk of getting an infection.

Using Pills

Pills are also another popular form of non-invasive treatment for moobs. It comes at a lower cost than surgery. However, the result may be slower to show and will need a lot of patience from the patient. The key on how to get rid of moobs using pills is ensuring you pick the ideal product for your problem. When used alongside a healthy lifestyle and exercise, the results will start to show in time.