Contagious Diseases

  • Malaria Symptoms

    While malaria can be fatal, treatment options are available. Working to recognize malaria symptoms and prevent infection is the best option of all.

  • 10 FAQs About Genital Herpes

    Genital herpes FAQs: What causes genital herpes? What are signs that I might have genital herpes? Get 10 answers to FAQs of genital herpes.

  • Secondary Syphilis: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

    Secondary syphilis is the second stage of syphilis. Get to know its symptoms and get early effective treatment for it. Know how to prevent it if you have syphilis at the primary stage.

  • Symptoms of Genital Herpes: First and Latter Outbreaks

    Knowing symptoms of genital herpes is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment. Know the symptoms, the common affected areas and preventions of genital herpes here.

  • Head Lice

    Having head lice for the first time can be a worrisome thing. However, there are several remedies and simple things that you can do to get rid of the lice.

  • How Long Is Norovirus Contagious?

    Knowing the answer to "how long is norovirus contagious" can raise your consciousness and take the proper precautions in advance for the highly contagious disease.

  • HIV Symptoms

    Through knowing HIV symptoms, a person can get the care they need faster. Thus the chances of having a better life are increased. Find 16 HIV symptoms here.

  • What Is Dengue Fever?

    What is dengue fever? Is it a serious disease? What can cause it? How can it be treated and prevented? Read on, and find answers about all these questions in detail from this article.

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