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  • Belly Button Smells: Causes and Treatments

    Your belly button smells, why? This is often caused by bacterial or fungal infections. Read on to understand more about the treatment.

  • Skin Is Sensitive to the Touch: Causes and Treatments

    Your skin is sensitive to the touch. What happens? Read on to discover the causes of sensitive skin and treatment options for relief.

  • Why Is the Skin Around My Nails Peeling?

    Peeling skin around nails can be causes by many reasons; here are 5 common causes and their corresponding treatments. Besides, 5 effective home remedies are listed.

  • Allergic Reaction to Henna: Symptoms and Treatments

    Allergic reaction to henna is mainly caused by chemicals added to it; therefore, it's important to learn how to choose pure henna. Tips such as checking the color will help.

  • Lightning Scars on Body and Damages of Lightning Strikes

    Also called the Lichtenberg scar, lightning scars on body are caused by blood vessels bursting as the current travels through the body, heats up and being destroyed.

  • Can You Catch Shingles?

    Shingles is a painful skin problem. Can you catch shingles if someone close to you has it? People who’ve previously had chickenpox won’t, but those who haven’t are at risk.

  • Cracked Corners of Mouth

    Suffering for the pain of cracked corners of mouth? Here are the home remedies when you are dealing with the painful conditions and the tips to prevent cracked corners of mouth.

  • What Is Scabies?

    What is scabies is a question that may not often be asked. However, it is a common skin disease the people may encounter. Read on to know what causes scabies, what are the symptoms of it and how to treat it.

  • What Causes Tingling in My Fingers?

    Tingling in your fingers can be a strange and sometimes worrisome event. Read on to discover what could be causing this feeling, as well as some helpful treatment tips.

  • Tingling in Face

    Tingling in the face is rarely a life-threatening issue, but it can be a serious symptom when combined with other problems.

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Your belly button smells, why? This is often caused by bacterial or fungal infections. Read on to understand...

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