Belly Fat Burner

Fat burning pills are not designed to cause your belly fat to magically vanish. In order to lose belly fat you will need to increase your physical activity while following a healthy diet, but natural supplements are available that can help you lose body fat at an accelerated rate.


Pills that Burn Belly Fat

None of these belly fat pills are designed to replace diet or exercise, and should be consumed with fat burning foods to make sure you are losing weight in a healthy way.

Appetite Suppressants

Your body naturally stores fat as an energy reserve that can be burned if you don’t get the nutrition you need. Consuming appetite suppressants will limit what you eat so your body will start to burn these stores, allowing you to lose more body or belly fat. Muscle Pharm Shred Matrix, Proactol and Hoodia Diet Pills are common appetite suppressants.

Fat Blockers

These pills use ingredients like Chitosan to limit your body’s ability to break down fat or carbohydrates during digestion. Most fat blockers also contain calorie partitioning elements encouraging lean muscle to take advantage of calories instead of converting it into stored fat. Universal chitosan Plus, Ultimate Nutrition fat Block and SciFit Fat Suppress are popular fat blockers on the market.

Carb Blockers

These pills help to prevent your body from releasing the enzymes that your body uses to break down carbs so your body’s fat levels do not rise. BSN-Cheaters relief, C Block and Ultimate Nutrition Carb Block work on this principle but are not recommended for body builders, who should focus on fat blockers instead.


Thermogenesis helps to increase your body heat, which in turn increases the metabolism so you will burn fat in a resting state and also increase muscle activity and energy levels to burn fat more easily. SNS Syn 30, Man Vaporize and USP Lab OxyElite Pro are recommended thermogenesis dieting pills.

Cortisol Inhibitors

These pills limit the body’s release of cortisol which encourages fat storage and weight gain. Cortisol inhibiters will release cytokines, protein muscles that will help to regulate your immune system. Olympian Laps Corti-Cut, NOW Relora and Driven Sports Lean Extreme are common cortisol inhibitors.

Supplements that Burn Belly Fat

Adding natural fat burning supplements to your diet can help you increase the speed in which you lose weight.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea has a great deal of epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG that helps to elevate your metabolic rate and also thermogenic properties working with EGCG to prolong epinephrine system so the body can uncouple fatty acids for energy. Taking 300mg of green tea with EGCG and 200mg of caffeine offers the best effects.

7-Keto DHEA

Dehydropiandrosterone or DHEA is a hormone that boosts fat burning in both genders but increase estrogen or testosterone levels leading to a hormonal imbalance. Taking 7-keto can increase body temperature and fat burning without converting to estrogen or testosterone.


Fucoxanthin exerts metabolic-enhancing effects increasing its fat-burning abilities at the mitochondrial level without stimulating the nervous system. This also helps decrease insulin and blood glucose levels while reducing abdominal fat. Consume 100-200mg two to three times each day for the best effects.


Forskolin increases free testosterone for men who are training or body building so you can build muscle and burn fat more easily and decreases your overall body fat percentage. You can take up to 20-50mg of coleus forskohlii herb up to three times day before your meals.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is used to increase the body’s lean mass, promote fat burning and preventing fat storage. Grass-fed dairy products, safflower and sunflower oils provide natural sources of CLA but you can also take 1-2gm supplements up to three times a day with your meals.

Foods that Burn Belly Fat

Adding these foods to your diet and cut out foods that are prepackaged, filled with sodium or cause bloat will help you lose weight around your middle.

Whole Grains

Consuming whole grains will help keep you from feeling hungry while providing you with more nutrients and fiber.


Consuming nuts like almonds can help you feel full without consuming a lot of calories.


Berries are full of fiber. Raspberries contain six grams of fiber per cup, which can help fill you up with no artificial added sugar.


Eggs are full of vitamin B12 that will help your body metabolize fat. Consuming these for breakfast will help you lose more weight.


Beans are low in calories but high in fiber and protein that will help you build muscle while losing weight.

Lean Meats

Consuming more protein than carbohydrates or fats burns more calories. Turkey or fish like salmon or tuna are recommended.


Calcium helps your body prevent fat from forming and burn fat more easily. Low-fat dairy is a better choice.

Precautions of Belly Fat Burner

Most prescription medications used to burn fat have not been investigated by third-party sources. Many of these dietary supplements are not yet approved by the FDA because they lack the research to substantiate their claims and ensure there are no dangerous side effects. You should talk to your doctor before you take on any kind of supplement program, particularly if the product you wish to use does not have a long term safety record established. Some of these pills may negatively interact with anti-seizure medication or diabetes drugs. Some weight loss pills also increase your risk of becoming addicted to these substances.