How to Grow Eyelashes

Fake eyelashes applied at home or at a beauty salon and products enhancing eyelash growth are used by many people to “grow” eyelashes. Actually you can condition your eyelashes to grow longer in less time using some natural ways.


How to Grow Eyelashes


A counterintuitive way to grow your eyelashes is to trim off the ends of your eyelashes. This process is a cheap and readily available option that seems to stimulate the hair follicles in some way to make the lashes grow faster, fuller and longer. It is very important to trim only the ends of your eyelashes much the same as you might trim the ends of the hair on your head to make the hair healthier. Be careful with the scissors around your eyes and pay attention to how much you are trimming from your lashes.


Egg Mixtures

If your main concern is that you lose your eyelashes before they can grow, you can increase the strength of your lashes with an egg white mixture. Mix 2 drops of egg white and 2 drops of olive oil. Using your eyelash brush, apply the mixture to your eyelashes before bed and leave it in until morning. Gently wash the mixture off with warm water in the morning.


Olive or Castor oil

You may find that your eyelashes are dry and there is "eye dandruff" around the base of the lashes. This problem can decrease the growth of your lashes. To combat this problem, use olive or castor oil before going to bed. Again, use your eyelash brush to apply a small amount of oil and leave the oil in overnight.  Wash the oil off with warm water in the morning.


Vitamin Oil

Instead of olive or castor oil, try brushing in some Vitamin E oil. Simply squeeze the oil out of a Vitamin E capsule and apply a small amount with your eyelash brush before you go to bed at night. Vitamin E is known to repair hair and stimulate growth of eyelashes. Wash the oil off with warm water in the morning.


Lip Balm

Flavored lip balm may help grow your eyelashes. Before going to bed, simply apply a thin layer of the balm to your eyelashes and the eyelid where the eyelashes enter the skin. Leave the lip balm on as you sleep and wash it off with warm water in the morning. You can reapply the balm in the morning to keep your lashes treated.


Daily Tips for Growing Eyelashes

In addition to home remedies that can help you grow eyelashes, there are also a few other daily tips for growing your eyelashes.

Minimum Use of Cosmetics

In order for any hair to grow, it is critical that your eyelashes are kept clean and exposed to air. Suffocating the hair follicles with eyeliner and mascara can make your eyelashes stop growing and can make them fall out. If you must use eye makeup, be sure to remove the makeup as soon as possible -- NEVER sleep in your eyeliner or mascara. When you remove the makeup, be sure to remove it gently and completely. If you do not have to use eye makeup, don't use it!

Reduce Eye Dandruff

Eye dandruff can cause dry, crusted eyelids with white dandruff around the base of the eyelashes. Since eye dandruff is usually caused by bacteria, treat eye dandruff by keeping your eyelashes clean. Your healthcare provider may also prescribe an antibiotic eye ointment. Do not use a topical antibiotic cream that is not intended for the eyes.

Take a Healthy Diet

To promote hair growth, you must have a healthy diet. Be sure to include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure you are getting enough vitamins. Hair is composed of proteins so it is critical that you get enough protein in your diet.  Eat beans, legumes, fish and red meat to increase your intake of that important nutrient. Drink plenty of water each day to rid your body of toxins that can interfere with hair growth.