Food & Nutrition

  • Fruits for Diabetic Patients

    The best fruits for diabetic patients are low on GI and high in nutrients such as berries, tart cherries and pears, which can help manage blood sugar levels.

  • Vitamin B Complex Foods

    Vitamin B complex foods include fish, sunflower seeds, meat, eggs and spinach. Read for recommended daily allowance of B Vitamins and tips to increase its intake.

  • Healthiest Subway Sandwich

    What is the healthiest Subway sandwich? Veggie Delite Mini Sub is probably the best choice considering its low calorie content (150 calories). Find out more!

  • How to Eat Chia Seeds

    Learning how to eat chia seeds is important because the seeds are rich in healthy nutrients. One should also avoid the risks of esophagus obstruction associated with chia seeds.

  • Low Potassium Diet

    If your kidneys cannot regulate potassium levels in your blood, you have to go on a low potassium diet. Come and learn what foods to eat to keep your potassium levels in control.

  • Natural Laxatives

    Being annoyed by constipation but not willing to take medicine? Several natural laxatives can provide you with relief. Try oils, dietary fibers and self-massage.

  • Oregano Tea: Benefits and Precautions

    Oregano tea is a great remedy for cold, cramp, infection, digestive disorders. But certain people should be careful before drinking the tea, as it can have side-effects.

  • Selenium Side Effects

    Selenium side effects should be well understood before you intend to take it. Also, there are nine precautions of using selenium you must know.

  • Home Remedies for Vertigo

    Home remedies for vertigo can help reduce the symptoms of this irritating problem. They are all relatively easy to use and equally effective in curbing vertigo symptoms.

  • How to Reduce Uric Acid

    High levels of uric acid in the blood can lead to a painful type of arthritis known as “gout”. Learning how to reduce uric acid often means a change in diet and other methods, such as medications.

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