Sharing Pregnancy News With My Family

Last week I discovered some great and life changing news. A recent routine visit to my doctor revealed that I was actually 6 weeks pregnant! My initial reaction to this news was joy and excitement, closely followed by worrisome thoughts. These thoughts centred upon how I was going to tell my husband and parents that I was with child - that a new addition to the family would be here in around eight months' time. How would they react? Would they be happy, surprised, or indifferent? Would my beloved husband be ready for a baby? All these questions raced through my head as I sat on the doctor's bed. I will now tell you how I went about telling my parents and husband that I was pregnant, and how they reacted to the joyful news.

How to tell my husband I am pregnant

The first person I needed to tell about the baby was the man who helped make it. I really had no idea how he would react, as we had never discussed children before. After the doctor's office, I needed to stop off at the supermarket to pick up a few things for dinner. Arriving at the supermarket I made my way to the bakery section to pick up a loaf of bread. Next to the bread were piles of buns. Suddenly a thought struck me. I was always a fan of puns, cuteness and food, so my idea seemed inspirational and perfect. I added a single bun to my shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. My husband was going to be home from work in about 5 minutes, so I quickly proceeded with project pregnancy announcement. I got the single bun out of the shopping bag and placed it in the oven. I heard my husband pull up in the driveway, so I went to greet him. I told him that the oven was making a really strange noise and proceeded to demonstrate the particular noise, somewhere between a choking cat and a sputtering car. He hurried over to the oven and opened the door, and was greeted by a single bun. He turned back to me with a very puzzled expression. A few moments passed and slowly that befuddled look that had been plastered on his face changed into a look of blissful joy. He finally realized that we were going to have a baby; I had a bun in my oven!

How to tell my parents I am pregnant

Husband down, now there was my mother and father left to tell. With the success of my previous action, I wished to stick with the food theme. I decided to invite my mom and dad to a nice, cosy family dinner. I slaved away in the kitchen creating a delicious meal, with a certain recurring theme. We all sat down to dinner and served the food. There was roast lamb, baby potatoes, baby carrots, and baby corn. While we were eating I asked my parents if they noticed any theme to the dinner, to see if anything stuck out. They looked down to their plates and then turned to me. As they did this, I purposefully speared a baby corn with my fork, and started to stare at it intentionally, while also looking meaningful at my parents. After this unsubtle starring marathon, my mother suddenly squealed with joy, and shouted 'you're pregnant.' I enthusiastically nodded my head, and my mother leaped out of her chair and lovingly hugged me. My father, always the more reserved of the two, slowly walked over to my husband and patted him on the back in congratulations.

So that's the tale of how I told my loved ones that I was pregnant by using delicious food.